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Leth box

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Graphic identity, design and packaging of the Jørgen Leth DVD box series. The series is a collection of the documantary, fiction and interview films of Jørgen Leth.

In 2007, the Danish Film Institute, with funding from danish investor Møllehegnet Holding A/S, began the extensive work of collecting the fiction films, documentaries and interviews of acclaimed danish writer, journalist, film director and lecturer Jørgen Leth. The final selection of Jørgen Leth´s life work, which spans from the early 1960´s through to present day was compiled into a series of six DVD-boxes. The final selection covered the different areas of his productions and were ordered under these six titles – The Anthropological Films, The Sport Films, The Travel Films, The Fiction Films, The Portrait Films and The Experimental Films.

The idea that Jørgen Leth as a film maker and as a cultural persona is too big to fit into a DVD-box, set the main tone for the collections graphic identity. This concept was visualised by arranging the typography in a way that it crosses the limits of the format.

Format:139 x 187.5 x 21.5 mm, offset with laquer.

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dvd #1 - back cover


2007, 2008, 2009

Copenhagen, DK

Leth box

Danish Film Institute

The national organisation responsible for supporting, encouraging and conserving film and cinema culture. The institute is supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture. The institute houses Denmark's national filmography as well as an entertainment and edutainment facility, with its cinemas, videotheque, restaurant and café, bookshop and filmmaking studio FILM X. Initially the Danish Film Institute was born out of merger between four separate organisations.


Rasmus Koch; Till Rickert
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