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Gyldendal identity

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Identity for Gyldendal - the oldest and largest publishing company in Denmark.

The publishing house Gyldendal was founded in 1770 by danish bookstore owner and publisher Søren Gyldendal. Today Gyldendal stands as the largest and oldest publishing company in Denmark.

From the beginning of Gyldendals history Søren Gyldendal applied the Crane as a symbol into the company seal. The picture of a crane standing on one foot and carrying af stone in the other is an old European symbol signaling vigilance and watchfulness. – when the crane drops the stone it wakes up, so it is constanly alert and observant.

For the logo and identity of Gyldendal The Crane was redrawn from the original seal which dated from 1770. With the final design solution the studio aimed to re-establish the company as a cultural institution with more than 250 years of history.

Crane logo



Copenhagen, DK

Gyldendal identity

Gyldendal Publishing Company

A Danish publishing house. Founded in 1770 by Søren Gyldendal, it is the oldest and largest publishing house in Denmark, offering a wide selection of books including fiction, non-fiction and dictionaries.


Rasmus Koch; Louise Koch
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