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Magazine design for FOKUS. FOKUS is a Danish Crafts’ magazine highlighting significant themes in contemporary Danish craft.

The magazine targets craft artists, designers and other creative professionals, business-people/companies, opinion makers, the press and other groups with whom Danish Crafts wishes to engage in dialogue on central topics in the area of interest.

Each issue of FOKUS highlights a current theme featuring everything from professional opinions to market mechanisms, production environments and ‘softer' communicatory aspects.

The main underlying theme of FOKUS is that Danish crafts are an important part of Danish culture, an area with its own strong identity and a field currently undergoing rapid development, both culturally and as an innovation-promoting factor in Danish commerce.

The magazine also features a complete English translation.

Format: 225 x 330 mm, saddle-stitched, offset.

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2003, 2005, 2006, 2008

Copenhagen, DK


Danish Crafts

An independent institution established by the Danish Ministry of Culture with the objective of supporting and branding Danish craft and design at an international level.


Rasmus Koch; Duncan Paré
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