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The phenomenal poster

education; handmade; poster; workshop; silkscreen;
A 4-days poster workshop at Krabbesholm Højskole.

Form without purpose and goal is rarely meaningful to debate – at least not in relation to the discussion of the poster as a mean of expression. Using the building stones of the poster – composition, image and typography – we tried anyway. A line of constraints were necessary:
Create a defined image without any clear origin.
Find words or sayings without clear meaning.
Establish a composition of image and word without direction and purpose.

The result was a series of more than 40 silkscreen printed posters – each one of them surprisingly powerful and vibrating vivid.

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Silkscreen poster – Student work



Skive, DK

The phenomenal poster

Krabbesholm Højskole

One of the leading Danish folkschools (folkehøjskoler) with a main emphasis on design, art and achitecture. The school resides at the beauitifull castle Krabbesholm next to Skive Fjord.


Rasmus Koch
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