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Tools / Rooseum Exhibition

art; exhibition; interior;
Exhibition design for SUPERFLEX at Rooseum in Malmø, Sweden

The exhibition was SUPERFLEX's first major solo exhibition and a presentation of SUPERFLEX tools and various users. Through the collaboration between SUPERFLEX and the studio, SUPERDESIGN was formed. Using various parameters SUPERDESIGN designed exhibition environments / signage, newspaper, invitation and a poster for the exhibition.

Tools/ exhibition view



Malmoe, SE

Tools / Rooseum Exhibition


A Danish art group working in the field of art, engineering and science. Rather than working with art in a conventional sense, Superflex make tools for engaging users in social collaboration. The underlying philosophy of Superflex’s work is that art itself is a tool, not just for contemplation or aesthetic experiments, but for social empowerment. Superflex often collaborates with different experts and uses the art world as a showcase for their works.


Rasmus Koch
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