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Guarana Power

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Design of logo and label for the soft drink Guarana Power.

Superflex developed a soft drink together with local farmers from Maués in the Brazilian Amazon who cultivate the caffeine rich berries of the guarana plant as used in the market leading soft drink Guaraná Antarctica. The project was a response to the unfair treatment local farmers had received from the Guaraná Antarctica, and was an aim to secure profits for those that had always in the past fallen to the marketing companies. The project was a counter strategy that would use the same raw resources to help the farmers.

The initial Guarana Power label was a very similar facsimile to that of the market leader and can be described as a parody of the corporate brazilian brand Guaraná Antarctica. This practice of making spoofs or parodies of corporate brands is also know as "Subvertising" and is often connected with political activism. The Guarana Power project rendered economic structures visible and tried to establish a new balance.

Due to obvious accusations of product piracy and as a reaction to legal restrictions enforced by Guaraná Antarctica, the branding of the soft drink underwent an unexpected evolution of visible censorship. This meant that there were several consecutive stages of design, each one censored further than the previous. The resulting, almost completely censored mark came to represent the struggle of the local farmers.


label design (final counterstrike revision)


2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

Maues, BR et al

Guarana Power


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