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2000 Watt Society Contract

architecture; art; environmental; type;
Typographic mural for artist group Superflex

Superflex were commissioned to develop a public artwork for a modern housing construction in Zürich.

Central to Superflex's work was their reference to the '2,000 Watt Society'.

Originating from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 1998, the vision of the 2,000 Watt Society demanded that each person in the developed world cut their over-all rate of energy use to an average of 2,000 watts per year by 2050.

Superflex's final artwork took the form of a contract between the residents of the building in Badenerstrasse and the rest of the world to reduce energy consumption. The contract was based on 2000 Watt Society's model.

Our approach to the mural's typographic form and method of mounting is reflective of the building's surface structure and shape. Furthermore our process also consisted of redrawing an existing typeface to suit the dimensions of the surface structure.

Commisioned by Baugenossenschaft Zurlinden
Architekt: pool Architekten
Location: Badener Strasse 380, Zürich

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Photo: Pascal Landert Photography



Zürich, CH

2000 Watt Society Contract


A Danish art group working in the field of art, engineering and science. Rather than working with art in a conventional sense, Superflex make tools for engaging users in social collaboration. The underlying philosophy of Superflex’s work is that art itself is a tool, not just for contemplation or aesthetic experiments, but for social empowerment. Superflex often collaborates with different experts and uses the art world as a showcase for their works.


Rasmus Koch; Till Rickert; Steffen Bygebjerg
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