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M for Markus

black&white; film; poster; rejected;
Poster design for Ali Abbasi´s graduation film M for Markus

A female police detective, Tess, discovers a mutilated body in a crime scene. Her search for the killer leads her to the young and innocent-looking Markus. Immediately attracted to Markus, her attraction to him leads her deep into a dreamy and grotesque world where her relationship to Markus is changed upside down - and inside out.

Poster format: 685 x 1015 mm, offset.

Director:Ali Abbasi
Production Company: National Film School of Denmark
Producer: Jacob Jarek
Screenplay:Ali Abbasi, Thor Ochsner
Director of Photography:Sturla B. Grøvlen
Editor: Ali Abbasi, Thor Ochsner
Music: Peter Helms

poster. 68,5 x 101,5 cm



Copenhagen, DK

M for Markus

The National Film School of Denmark

A state school which is financially supported by the Danish Ministry of Cultural Affairs. Four study programmes are available: film, tv, scriptwriting and animation directing.


Rasmus Koch; Till Rickert; Patricia Forbert
credit This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License, unless otherwise noted.

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