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Århus poster

black; film; iridescent_print; kochgrotesque; poster;
Poster design for Jørgen Leth´s documentary film 'ÅRHUS'.

In 'ÅRHUS' film director Jørgen Leth takes us back to his native town Århus, Denmark. He retells stories and refreshes his childhood memories in the city of his upbringing.

As a commentary to our understanding of the films subject and to Jorgen Leth's poetic works we proposed a changing of title from the name of the city Århus to 'AÅRHUS'. The present danish letter Å (A with oering) was initiated in 1948 and replaced the double A (AA). In addition to that the letter A and Å are also the first and last letters in the danish alphabet. The title 'AÅRHUS' therefore functions as a typographical merger between the past and the present and refers to the reflection of the traveling of time that Jørgen Leth captures in the film.

Format: 625 x 855 mm, offset.

version of iridescent printed poster



Copenhagen, DK

Århus poster

Jørgen Leth

As an acclaimed Danish writer, journalist, film director and lecturer, he has has been writing poetry and directing short films since the beginning of the 1960´s. Jørgen Leth is also well known for his work on Danish television commenting on the Tour de France.


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