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Vejdirektoratet – Byen, vejen og landskabet, Motorveje til fremtiden

architecture; book; urbanism; yellow;
Book design for Byen, vejen og landskabet – Motorveje till fremtiden – (The town, the road and the landscape – Motorways for the future).

In 1995 the Danish Road Directorate formulated the 'Strategy for beautiful roads' to focus on the relationship betweens roads and their surroundings. As a continuation of this strategy the Danish Road Directorate, in coordination with several other organisations received funding to develop a spatial strategy and a architectural vision for the future planning of the Danish motorway network and its relationship with the surrounding landscape and city. As part of the group of participants in this survey architecture firms Copenhagenoffice and Blankspace contributed future strategies.

Format: 240 x 300 mm, soft cover, 136 pages, offset.

ISBN 87-7923-815-7 (print) ISBN 87-7923-821-1 (digital)

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Copenhagen, DK

Vejdirektoratet – Byen, vejen og landskabet, Motorveje til fremtiden

Danish Road Directorate, Ministry of transport

The Danish Road Directorate is a division under the Danish Ministry of transport. The main purpose of the Road Directory is to maintain the Danish road system plus prepare and compile information and laws concerning the Danish transport systems.


Rasmus Koch; Till Rickert; Duncan Paré

Blankspace; Tanja Jordan Architects; xyz office
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