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Think Tank

black; black&white; ephemera; film;
Design of the ThinkTank identity. A visual identity was required to position the ThinkTank ideas forum on European filmmaking, initially a 3 day symposium. The identity needed was to clearly show visual similarities with that of the Danish Film Institutes communication as they were the primary initiators.

The purpose of the discussion was to open out a debate on film making in Europe, to create a space where films can work and to realise the social value of films. The general direction of the discussions was a need to work towards improving the systems for supporting film making. ThinkTank was attended by 170 representatives of the film industry, funding bodies and representatives of 34 national governments.

The resulting work relies on a subtly fragmented typographic style and the use of black and grey bearing a strong visual association with the DFI's house style. We tried to create an aesthetic that was straightforward and hardworking ...a think tank is a place for thought to weld – the missing but still clearly legible words underline this.




Copenhagen, DK

Think Tank

Think Tank

A European association with a primary focus on strengthening national film policies as well as acting as a network.


Rasmus Koch
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