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Think Tank report

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Design of the ThinkTank report on European film and film policy. The report was a document published as a record of the findings of the Danish Film Institute initiated 3 day symposium in 2006 known as ThinkTank.

The purpose of the discussion was to open out a debate on film making in Europe, to create a space where films can work and to realise the social value of films. The general direction of the discussions was a need to work towards improving the systems for supporting film making. ThinkTank was attended by 170 representatives of the film industry, funding bodies and representatives of 34 national governments.

The report is a text based summary of the thoughts and findings that were discussed during the symposium. It contains various writings, data and a questionnaire.

Visually the report has a strong aesthetic connection to that of the Danish Film Institutes communication. This was a measure taken to emphasis the fact the DFI were the primary initiators of ThinkTank. ThinkTank would later become a self standing entity.

Format: 210 x 297 mm, soft cover, 124 pages, 12 b/w ill., offset.

ISBN 978-87-87195-07-0




Copenhagen, DK

Think Tank report

Think Tank

A European association with a primary focus on strengthening national film policies as well as acting as a network.


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