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R - filmposter

film; poster; rejected;
Poster proposal for the Danish film 'R'

We were invited to sketch suggestions for the Danish fiction film 'R'. The film takes place in a prison, and tells the story of a young man who struggles to cope after being imprisoned for a violent assault. The film's production has a realistic documentary style. Using the 'R' letter form, our poster further suggests this imprisonment.

Although our proposals met a positive response from the production company, they were eventually rejected for being 'too artistic'.

Format: 625 x 855 mm




Copenhagen, DK

R - filmposter

Nordisk Film Production

Nordisk film stands as the largest film production and film media distribution company in Scandinavia. The company is among the leading producers of feature films, animation, documentaries, TV drama, and comedy in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

www. nordiskfilm.com

Rasmus Koch; Patricia Forbert
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