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iskos–berlin exhibition poster

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Poster for the exhibition Lost Control, Old Customs Warehouse, Helsinki, Finland

Lost Control was an exhibition by Iskos-Berlin which displayed several years of study and development of alternative methods of production. The exhibition featured two of their designs, the Tutu lamp and Spook chair. The designs were developed from the idea of accepting what can be seem as "mistakes" during production, and embracing these them in the design; these "mistakes" were featured in the exhibition. Furthermore, instead of completely controlling the way materials wanted to behave, materials were allowed to behave as they naturally wanted to. The Tutu lamp and the Spook chair are both produced from the material felt. The title of the exhibition was a summary this design philosophy.

For the production of the poster, the printer used many random paper types which were left-overs from past print jobs. This was an extension of the idea of alternate methods of production. Furthermore, visually the design of the poster is an attempt at liberating the content, yet retaining structure.

Format: 70 x 100 cm, offset, double-sided, English

poster 70 x 100 cm



Helsinki, FI

iskos–berlin exhibition poster


ISKOS — BERLIN Design is a partnership of Boris Berlin and Aleksej Iskos. The company works within the fields of industrial, furniture and graphic design. ISKOS — BERLIN was established in late 2010, but Boris and Aleksej have been working together for a number of years at the design company Komplot Design which Boris co-founded in 1987, and where Aleksej was employed as an assistant for more than 11 years.


Rasmus Koch; Till Rickert
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