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Lys – Landskab og stemmer

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Visual design for the project 'Lys – Landskab og stemmer' (Light – landscapes and voices) by Danish artist Elle-mie Hansen

A poem titled 'Lys' (1962) by Danish poet Inger Christensen was the inspiration to 'Lys – Landskab og stemmer'. The poem is concerned with landscapes and voices.

The project 'Lys – Landskab og stemmer' consisted of 567 different recorded reciting's of this poem, collected from six rural Danish locations.These recordings captured the various local dialects.

At each of the locations the appropriate dialect recordings were replayed on speakers, and in order to bind these amplified voices with the environment a green beam of light was projected across each landscape. This culminated in a marriage of light and sound set against each rural location.

During the early stages of the project we designed an identity, stationery and a set of postcards. Further into the project we designed a website and and finally a book.

LYS – Landskab og stemmer
Published by: Elle-Mie Hansen, 2012 Format: 297 x 280mm, 76 pages, ill., Hardcover, Danish

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Copenhagen, DK

Lys – Landskab og stemmer

Elle Mie Ejdrup


Rasmus Koch; Thomas Cassander
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