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Design of the painted wall text 'Deutschland' by artist Jens Haaning. In 2004 Jens Haaning wrote ‘Deutschland’ on the wall of a barn in the small town of Tewel-Moor in Germany.

The country name was spelt in its native spelling. The work triggered different reactions based on the countries’ relationship to its history – Germany’s name automatically conjures up the past.

A typeface was designed for this specific purpose, taking into account the barn it was placed on. The primary objective in the typeface design was to create anonymity – a typeface free from any cultural connections or connotations and so in that sense impressionable only by the observer perception.

installation view



Hamburg, DE


Jens Haaning

Acclaimed Danish artist, who invokes social borders, emphasizing issues of co-existence and the exclusion of marginalized groups. Through open-ended representations of foreign cultures fused with symbols of the majority culture, Haaning makes the artwork’s effect on the viewer its primary focus.


Rasmus Koch
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